Handle With Care

Have you ever observed the collector of something like “Precious Moments”, coins, sports cards or memorabilia or antique china? Because these items are considered to be very valuable the owners will either put a protective coating around them or store them in a secure cabinet or case. These measures help to protect and maintain the value of the items. In addition, from time to time the owner might stop to admire their valuable and precious items. They might even share a few words to demonstrate their love and admiration.

The lengths that the owner will go to in order to protect those items he/she cherishes caused me to ponder if the same could be said about how couples protect and maintain the relationship that they cherish the most: their marriage. I started to wonder if as spouses we handle one another with care with the words that we speak. Are we being careful of what and how we speak to our spouse so that we don’t invalidate them despite our differences? Are we mindful that negative words could wound them and cause isolation between us?

In order to maintain the value and preciousness of our marriages we must protect and honor our spouses. The protective covering comes in the form of praying for them daily, encouraging them often and not taking them for granted by prioritizing other people and commitments over them.

I was reminded that just like a lost, stolen or broken collectible can’t be replaced, the same can be said for our spouses. If they left us, were taken away unexpectedly or broke our hearts, the love and security that we once experienced would be difficult, if not impossible to replace.

So in light of this comparison, I’ve purposed, (and likewise challenge you) to handle my spouse with the utmost care, consideration and admiration. Because after all, he’s the one I cherish the most!