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Couple-to-Couple Coaching

Whether you are a couple who is pre-married, newlyweds, desiring to enhance your marriage, or experiencing marital challenges, Couple-to-Couple coaching is for you.

What is Pre-Marriage Coaching?
The purpose of pre-marriage coaching is to provide each partner with a more realistic perception of themselves, their partner, and marriage. As coaches, we will help couples to explore areas of potential conflict and find ways to successfully work through differences to experience a fulfilling and enriching marriage.

Research shows that “a couple who spends at least 12 hours in a premarital-education program decreases their chance of divorce within the first five years of marriage by 50 percent.”


Diane Sollee
Director of the Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education

What is Marriage Coaching?
Marriage counseling tends to focus on unresolved issues and hurts of the past. Marriage Coaching, however, begins with the present and assists couples in setting very clear and specific goals for what they want to achieve in the future. While the past may be discussed on occasion, it is addressed only in the context of discovering what is preventing the couple from moving forward. The focus is always on taking action that helps the couple to build on their strengths and develop the close and connected relationship that they seek.

As coaches we will listen to each partner’s concerns, share biblical principles, and introduce skills-based concepts to empower the couple to solve their issues with support, guidance, and accountability.

The Couple-to-Couple Coaching Experience
Couple-to-couple coaching is conducted either in person, over the phone, or face-to-face using Skype in either 3 or 6 month coaching formats which include the following:

  • Couple’s Inventory and Assessments
  • Four (4) 50-minute coaching calls per month
  • Periodic 15-minute coaching check-in calls
  • E-mail support to ask and answer questions

Contact us for a complementary 30-minute phone consultation to determine if we are the best coaches for you and your partner.

Marriage Enrichment Events

The “I Won’t Let Go” Marriage Enrichment Refreshers and the “Revive, Refresh, Renew” Marriage Weekend Retreats allow participants to glean from the Quick’s 25+ years of marital experience and training as they share:

  • A special “Date Night” (retreats only)
  • Biblical principles on the God-centered marriage covenant
  • Practical skills for positive communication and healthy conflict resolution
  • A special time of marital recommitment and vow renewal

Marriage Refreshers are one day events and Weekend Retreats are overnight getaways hosted at a local hotel.  Both events are very interactive and include couple activities consisting of post session couple time for personal reflection and application.

Contact us for further details about scheduling a Refresher or Retreat for your church or organization. You can register for an upcoming event on the Events tab.

Go for the Gold

You may desire to find true love, but how do you know when you’ve found it?  How can you tell if your relationship is a healthy one? How do you know if you’re in it for the right reason?

Go for the Gold is a positive, interactive relationship building curriculum that provides insight on many of the realistic issues that students will face as young adults. It challenges them to rethink boundaries, healthy relationships and success. The Go for the Gold  curriculum is applicable to healthy dating relationships as well as successful peer-to-peer, family, student-teacher and workplace interactions and relationships.

Roosevelt and Renita present to students in a dynamic manner that sparks open, honest and informative discussions while keeping the students engaged.